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Robson & Moss Limited are specialists in the production
of ancillary equipment for use in the glass industry...

Our product range includes the following items:

- Coolers, of both the tube and profiled type

- Take out tongs from both casting and stamping

- Cooling rings

- Hanger lugs

- Blowhead tubes

and all other miscellaneous mould equipment parts made
from steel, brass, aluminium or bronze.

For further information please contact Trevor Stead or

Malcolm White on
+ 44 (0) 1924 477745 .

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Due to the very specific nature of our products, we have had to design and develop CNC machining centres dedicated to our customers needs, particularly in the very demanding narrow mouth press and blow area.

We pride ourselves on rapid response to customer requirements for either parts or technical assistance with either cooling or take out problems.  To this end we hold on stock many of the base parts our customers use.  We also run our own non ferrous foundry and pattern making facility which enables a very short lead time in the production of non standard take out tongs.

This site offers a brief introduction to our company and illustrates the type and range of parts we produce and
the machining facilities we utilise.


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Specialists in the production of ancillary equipment for use in the glass industry.

Registered in England, Registration Number 1332344